Bluestone River Bridge

The Bluestone River is unlike other river crossings along the Teller Road because it flows northward to Imuruk Basin rather than south to Norton Sound. The river is deeply incised as it cuts through steep mountains, creating steep, rocky slopes and cliffs. The scenery is dramatic if you take time to climb to nearby hilltops.

The bridge is adjacent to a dome-shaped, rock cliff that has the color, vegetation, and appearance typical of the area. Rough-legged hawk, golden eagle, gyrfalcon, and common raven may nest on nearby rock cliffs. Say’s phoebe sometimes nest under the bridge or on nearby cliff-side ledges or crevices. Northern shrike nest in tall willows along the river, and their predatory diet includes small mammals and the young of other songbirds. Bluethroat nest in side drainages with mixed-height willows. Arctic grayling, and sometimes pink salmon, are present in the river.

Getting There

Latitude: 65.09183
Longitude: -166.23833
Driving Directions