Bike Denali - Denali Park, Alaska  (1:30)

If you want to experience Denali National Park, Bike Denali has a fun, unique way to do it—on E-bikes! A four-hour e-bike ride to Savage River and back is just one of the options available at Bike Denali for 2023. Here are some others:

  • A leisurely morning, afternoon, or evening ride on one of our commuter bikes to the Visitor Center, or pedal to Horseshoe Lake for a casual and scenic stroll.
  • A quick bus ride into the park—with bikes packed along on the shuttle bus bike racks—for an invigorating afternoon bike ride back toward the park entrance from Sable Pass.
  • A multi-day trip to brave the wilds of the backcountry!

Choose from the above or forge your own path: Bike Denali is expanding its horizons this year to bring these amazing opportunities to you!

Afternoon Rentals for a Casual Ride

If you’re looking for more of a casual ride, Bike Denali offers hourly rentals of Marin Kentfield commuter style bikes. These bikes have seven speeds to handle the mild hills of the front country visitor center area. Available in step-through models.

  • Denago Commute 1 E-bike $89 for 4 hours, $25 per additional 2 hours
  • Marin Kentfield $30 for 3 hours + $10 per extra hour

Bike + Bus for Full Day Experiences

Bike Denali specializes in ways to couple your day with the bike slots on the transit buses, hiking hot spots en route, and a host of resources to make your trip an adventure to remember. For those wanting to make the most of a single day in Denali National Park, book an exciting Trek Marlin mountain bike.

Bus bike rack mini Brian Keelean Edit

These bikes come as a package, which includes everything you need for a seamless experience. The package includes rear rack and water bottle holder, day pannier, bear spray, helmet, emergency poncho, repair kit, and car rack if needed.

  • Marin Bobcat 5 mountain bike, outfitted package; $85 for 24 hours

Multi-Day Rides

2023 will be different for access into Denali National Park. A landslide has closed the Park Road for the season at mile 43 to all traffic. Bikes are allowed around the closed part of the road with alternate routing. Visit their website and read through the News Section of our website to find out more.

If you choose to venture beyond the closing, be prepared to be absolutely self-sufficient—it may involve walking your bike for several miles on a gravel bar, securing backcountry camping permits, and possibly getting permits for riding beyond the closure. Bike Denali will not be renting e-bikes for any riding beyond the closure

  • Marin Bobcat 5, outfitted package; $150 up to 48 hours
  • Marin Bobcat 5, outfitted package; $180 up to 72 hours
  • Marin Bobcat 5, outfitted package; after 3 days, $180 + $30 per day

Getting There

Latitude: 63.7426081
Longitude: -148.8945628

Bike Denali is perfectly situated in relation to the park. They are located on the bike path, 1 mile north of the park entrance. Hours are from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day, from May 1 through September 30.

Bike Denali is partnering with Park’s Edge Resort this summer to bring bike availability to Healy, 10 miles north of Denali National Park. Contact Bike Denali for more details.

Driving Directions

Prices & Dates

Season May 1 - Sept 30
Duration 3+ hrs
Rates Afternoon Rentals // Townie Elektra $29 for 3 hours + $10 per extra hour | Trek Verve $39 for 3 hours + $12 per extra hour | Aventon Level e-bike $109 for up to 4 hours
Full-Day Rental Packages // Trek Marlin $75 up to 8 hours; $95 up to 24 hours | Aventon Level e-bike $199 up to 18 hours
Multi-Day Rental Package // Trek Marlin $150 up to 48 hours | $180 up to 72 hours | $220 for 4 days | $250 for 5 days | After 5 days, add $20 per day
Hours Park Entrance | 8am – 6pm
Healy | Call for Details

Bike Denali

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