Big John Bay Trail

Big John Bay trail is the furthest hike out from Kake, in a remote area right on tidal and saltwater flats. After a drive of 16 miles and a hike of about 2.1 miles, you’ll come to Big John Bay cabin, which can be reserved for the night through the U.S. Forest Service.

Getting there requires strict attention to tide tables, however, as the 15-foot variation in tide can restrict access to the trail and the cabin. (Hikers want to go at low tide and time their stay accordingly if not spending the night. Visitors arriving by boat will want to arrive at high tide.)

Big John Bay trail offers spectacular sights, as you go along a creek, and then through tidal grasses and mud flats, with beautiful views of the bay. Be aware of wildlife. Wolves do populate this area, as well as bear, grouse and waterfowl.

Big John Bay is popular for both hunting and fishing, with anglers catching trout, pink and coho salmon in nearby Hamilton and Big John Creeks. Big John Bay Trail is mainly a hunting trail, accessed from an old logging road. As such, it can be hard to find, but is marked in blue diamonds and pink flagging.

Getting There

Latitude: 56.853
Longitude: -133.65855

Drive 16 miles from Kake to the trailhead. Take Road U.S. Forest Service Road #6040 to #6314, and then #45001.

Driving Directions