Barometer Mountain



This is Kodiak’s most popular mountain, and for good reason: It’s a challenge, the views are stunning, and it feels like a true mountain climb—there’s a 2,073-foot elevation gain in just a few miles. A well-trod trail leads up the ridge, which you can access from the end of the airport runway. Follow an old gravel road to the northeast ridge, where a trail breaks on your left. The first part runs through the brush, but you’ll break into open alpine terrain quickly. Wildflowers coat the valleys and cling to rocky outcrops, and views of the coves and bays below are gorgeous. If it’s good weather, consider bringing a tent and spending the night at the top. You’ll want a water filter, but alpine lakes and snowmelt are good water sources.

Getting There

Latitude: 57.752999
Longitude: -152.520633
Driving Directions