Anton Larsen Pass Loop & Peak Trail



A wonderful, inspiring hill-walk, the Anton Larsen Pass Loop is mostly on scenic ridges with no scary steep parts. The entire route encircles a lush, U-shaped, glacial valley. Park in the large gravel parking lot at the pass. Walk down the road toward Anton Larsen Bay a short way until you see a wide trail leading off to the left. Follow the trail through lush meadows and stay right at the fork. Cross a small bridge, then follow an obvious trail up a steep hill until you reah a broad alpine ridge. The hiking is relatively easy from here as you follow the rolling ridge to the small, nameless peak at the head of the valley. To descend, follow the opposite ridge that leads down hill where you will find an obvious trail that will return you to the main road approximately where you started. If you don't want to do the entrie loop, you can hike to the small peak and return the same way.

Getting There

Latitude: 57.80272
Longitude: -152.610522
Driving Directions