This scenic, tranquil bay is a great place to access the water (there’s a boat launch) and to start hikes. You can hike to a beaver dam from a turnoff on the right at MP 11.6. Look for the white granite in the cliffs; this is the “backbone” of the geology here, the rock that the island is formed upon. From the end of the road, there is good hiking to a waterfall. To the right is a 2.5-mile trail to Cascade Lake. You’ll have to cross the Red Cloud River, and you may have to detour at high tide. There’s a scrub-covered hill at the edge of the bay and a trail through here leads to the lake. Follow the shoreline of the lake; it will take you to a waterfall.

Getting There

Latitude: 57.845619
Longitude: -152.633414
Driving Directions