Aniakchak River


Remote and exotic landscape


Class III


5 days/4 nights


30 miles hiking, 30 miles floating. Fly-in to Port Heiden, fly-out from Aniakchak Bay


Port Heiden

Getting There

Latitude: 56.963
Longitude: -158.635
Driving Directions

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Aniakchak River Points

Wheelplanes and float­planes are both suit­able. Again, rough weath­er can some­times keeps float­planes from land­ing in the chop­py ocean.

On top of giv­ing your­self a few weath­er days for any delays in or out, you should have an extra day for inside the caldera. Bearproof food con­tain­ers should be used and camp­ing pro­to­col strict as there are so many bears here when the fish are in the riv­er in the sum­mer All your gear should be 4 sea­son tough and in good con­di­tion This riv­er is so remote and wild it is a good idea to have a ground to air VHF radio or bet­ter yet a marine band…  ...more

The Park is in such a remote place there is no direct link to it. By fly­ing from Anchor­age to King Salmon, Alas­ka on a com­mer­cial air­line, you should be able to char­ter a float­plane from there to Sur­prise Lake. Allow some extra days for bad weather.