Anan Creek Trail



This is an excellent trail for black & brown bear, harbor seal, bald eagle, various gull viewing (July - Aug.) It is also a great spot for the fishing of Steelhead (April - May), cutthroat trout, and Dolly Varden, pink salmon (July - Aug). June 15 through September 15 is the only time there is access for fishing and fishing is only permitted from shore at trailhead. Along this trail is the Anan Wildlife Observatory, an open log style structure with two entryways and viewing ports, and two level deck offer views of creek, falls and visiting wildlife. The trail winds through the rainforest up and down along the lagoon and across some tree roots, ending at the observatory located above a series of cascading waterfalls. At the other end of the trail is a cabin available for rent.

Getting There

Latitude: 56.1823
Longitude: -131.891
Driving Directions