A Neglected Viewpoint of the Alaska Range MP 94.5

MILE 94.5—Ragged but stunning overlook  (:25)

An unmarked side road leads down a gravel lane to a large parking area with an interpretive sign that’s a bit worse for wear. This old gravel pullout features one of the most spectacular panoramas in the state, with the Alaska Range dominating the northern horizon on clear days like a colossal snow-crowned palisade. Only in Alaska—and perhaps, typical of the somewhat neglected Denali Highway in general—would a site so fabulous and breathtaking reside at the end of an obscure, unsigned road in a lot that appears forgotten if not abandoned. Enjoy the scene for what it reveals about the quirkiness of Alaskans, and the remoteness as an outpost. Think of it as your personal (and private) viewing of the Alaska Range. (And it’s here that you might be able to discern contours of the Susitna-Nenana divide in the flats below—see MP 90-91.)

Getting There

Latitude: 63.240266
Longitude: -147.79763
Driving Directions