AK Range & Maclaren River Viewpoint MP 37

You are now at an elevation of about 4,000 feet, just a short distance from Maclaren Summit (4,086’), the second highest highway summit in Alaska. Stop and enjoy the panoramic view of the Alaska Range and the Maclaren River. Mount Hayes (13,832’) and the Maclaren River and Glacier are dominant features, but Aurora Peak, Mount Shand and Mount Geist may also be seen. The Maclaren River flows from the Maclaren Glacier south to the Susitna River and then into Cook Inlet just west of Anchorage. Vegetation at this elevation is low-growing alpine tundra. Wildflowers bloom in abundance during the short Alaska summer (June and July). Look for pikas, ground squirrels and ptarmigan.

Source: BLM Recreation Guide

Getting There

Latitude: 63.087459
Longitude: -146.426264
Driving Directions