AK Range/Glacial Geology MP 7.0

MILE 7—Pull out with Alaska Range views  (:26)

Stop at this wayside with toilets, picnic area and interpretative panels. In clear weather, you have a ringside seat overlooking a panorama of one of the state’s greatest mountain ranges, the Alaska Range. Several peaks in view to the north have elevations greater than 12,000 feet. This range extends in a great arc from Cook Inlet through the Mount McKinley massif (a principal mountain mass) and on to the Canada border, a distance of 650 miles. The Gulkana Glacier, seen from this point, was formed from the buildup of snowfields high in the Alaska Range. Layers of snow accumulated year after year and compacted into ice. As the glacier became heavier, it began to move downslope, scraping and gouging the rock. This action, called glacial erosion, contributed to the rugged, jagged appearance of the Alaska Range and created the long U-shaped valleys seen from the road.

Getting There

Latitude: 63.09134
Longitude: -145.616226
Driving Directions