Airport Beach Road

The “S-curves” of Airport Beach Road are well-known by locals as a great place to watch for water birds and for whales. Pull off between the Dutch Harbor Post Office and Gilman Way, and start adding to your life-list!

You will likely see bald eagles year round, which are plentiful. During nesting season you may see warning signs around town to be aware as the eagles are fairly territorial if you come too close.

Summer birds to watch for include puffins, murres, guillemots, kittiwakes and cormorants. In winter you could see large flocks of emperor Geese, Steller’s eiders, scoters and both sea ducks and fresh-water ducks. Look for humpbacks in Captains Bay, which has protected waters for these large mammals to feed and fatten up for winter.

Getting There

Latitude: 53.879384
Longitude: -166.559119
Driving Directions