Across the Bay

When people visit Homer, they may like to spend a day or two going “across the bay”— taking a boat or air taxi across Kachemak Bay to explore the quaint villages that straddle the line between towns and wilderness.

Here you’ll find 375,000 acres of forest, fjords, mountains and ocean. You can hike along 40 miles of trails, fish for salmon or rainbow trout, or just keep your eyes peeled for wildlife: moose, black bears, mountain goats, coyotes and wolves. In the skies, you might see eagles or gyr falcons, large arctic falcons.

If you want to stay a few nights out here, you’ll find some excellent wilderness lodges, as well as campsites and public use cabins. Seldovia is the best known of the towns across the bay, but it’s not the only village worth a look. Here are a few more:

Halibut Cove: This fairy-tale hamlet of boardwalks has homes on stilts that sit high above the lapping waves.

Peterson Bay: Just 5 miles by boat or float plane across Kachemak Bay, stay in a private eco lodge, enjoy ocean side camping, and eat oysters and mussels straight from the water.

Tutka Bay: The clear waters of this 7-mile long fjord are great for kayaking, fishing, and tide pooling. Choose to relax at a rustic luxury lodge or explore the area by boat on either a guided or unguided excursion.

Highlights of visiting here:

  • Explore raised boardwalks in Halibut Cove
  • Stay in a yurt or cabin on China Poot Bay
  • Sample fresh oysters in Peterson Bay
  • Kayak in Tutka Bay and Kachemak Bay State Park
  • Oyster Farm-Ecotourism
  • Tide pooling
  • Hiking

Getting There

Latitude: 59.595
Longitude: -151.225
Driving Directions