Abbott Trail


12 miles



Part of the Abbott Trail System, this is a well-defined access trail that drops before crossing the South Fork Campbell Creek and intersecting with the Spencer Loop. (Go left, cycling clockwise.)

Getting There

Latitude: 61.1379
Longitude: -149.7532
Driving Directions


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Abbott Trail Points

This is part of the Abbott Trail Sys­tem. The trail­head is the north­ern park­ing lot of the Hill­top Down­hill Ski Area. To enter the Spencer Loop, cycle down a dirt road and take the sec­ond trail to the right.

The trail­head to this Abbott Trail Sys­tem route is locat­ed near the top of Abbott Road. The first is behind Ser­vice High School at the east end of the oval run­ning track. Stay on the dirt trails and cycle counterclockwise.