This park is a can’t miss for dog owners and dog lovers! It’s one of the busiest parks in town, with people and their dogs there practically 24/7. If you’re traveling with your dog, it’s a great place to give Fido some exercise. You’ll also have an opportunity to meet the locals, learn what it’s like to live in Soldotna, and get the inside scoop on the best things to see and do from people who live here.

There’s a space for small dog breeds, a nice fenced-in area, a water fountain for dogs to use in summer, and a nice covered gazebo where owners can escape the elements while their dogs run around. There’s also a fence full of plaques shaped like dog bones that memorialize people’s dogs.

Of course, Alaska’s trails and open spaces are great for dogs. But not everyone wants to be on the trails where there might be encounters with wildlife. And of course the dog park gives you and your dog the chance to socialize; you could make an instant connection with someone you don’t know because you’re both dog owners.

Thanks to lights and security cameras, you can go almost any time of day. (All parks in Soldotna close from 1–3 a.m.), and the park is lit all winter long.

This great space happened thanks in part to three community members (Martha Brewer, Dean Birmley, and Alice Puster) who bequeathed money to the city when they passed away, with the stipulation that it go toward some sort of dog park. Today, the logo of the park is their three dogs—helping to keep their legacy alive.

Getting There

320 N Aspen Dr.
Soldotna, AK 99669
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