Tenakee Springs Sea Kayaking Tours

The waters of Tenakee Inlet are mostly protected and offer kayak friendly water most days. You could kayak in the inlet waters for days and still have more to see. Thirteen river drainages pour into the 26-mile inlet, each offering its own hidden wonders. A short portage at the head of the inlet leads to Port Frederick where many choose to kayak all the way to Hoonah.

Exploring by kayak offers a quiet and unobtrusive way to glide along, listening for eagles, whales, sea lions, and brown bear. It's a unique perspective to be so close to marine mammals, and to be able to see bear fishing in the rivers from the safety of your watercraft. Who knows whats around the next corner? That's all part of the fun of exploring by kayak.

You can rent a stable, sit-on-top kayak or a canoe/kayak combo, the "NuCanoe," from a local lodge, or bring a kayak with you by charter plane or on the ferry. Renting should be set up in advance if possible. Hydraphones are also available for rent locally. If you've never used one, it's like nothing you've ever heard before. Just drop it over the side of your kayak and listen for whale song.

If you don't already know how to kayak, this is a great place to try it. Ask for basic instruction when you rent your gear, and they'll be glad to show you the ropes. Most likely, your experience in Tenakee Inlet will turn you into a kayaking enthusiast!

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Sea Kayaking Tours

Pre­mi­um fish­ing for salmon and hal­ibut on the always calm waters of Tena­kee inlet. Whale watch­ing and bear view­ing. Excel­lent up close wildlife pho­to­graph­ic expe­ri­ences. Cap­tain Tuck Har­ry has over 40 years of expe­ri­ence in the wild. Kayak­ing is also avail­able. Com­plete packages.

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