Skagway Flightseeing Tours

Experience the stunning beauty of Skagway with a thrilling flightseeing tour. Available from May to September and lasting around 2 hours, a helicopter tour showcases the breathtaking landscapes of glaciated valleys, cascading waterfalls, and majestic icy peaks at the northern edge of the Juneau Icefield.

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Flightseeing Tours

Season: May - September $379 2 hrs

Tak­ing a TEM­SCO heli­copter tour shows off the Gold Rush lands around Skag­way in a new light, reveal­ing gor­geous, glac­i­er-filled val­leys, tum­bling water­falls and peak after icy peak at the north end of the Juneau Ice­field. Then land on a remote glac­i­er for an excit­ing guid­ed jour­ney on ice that was formed thou­sands of years ago!