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The beau­ti­ful sea­side town of Seward was offi­cial­ly des­ig­nat­ed, Mur­al Cap­i­tal of Alas­ka” in 2008 at the com­ple­tion of the town’s 12th col­or­ful mur­al. This achieve­ment result­ed from the enthu­si­asm and ener­gy of a group of local artists and art lovers who began vol­un­teer­ing their tal­ents in 1999 to paint the town!

Take a walk through Seward’s rich his­to­ry with Seward his­to­ri­an Doug Capra. From the lit­tle-known Russ­ian colony, to Seward’s boom as the south­ern ter­mi­nus of the Alas­ka Rail­road, this audio guide will inform and enter­tain you with sto­ries of Seward’s col­or­ful characters.

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