Fishing In Pelican

If fishing is your passion, the good people of Pelican speak your language. After all, this little town was founded – and prospered – as a fishing community. A sport fishing paradise where you can catch a prized halibut, King salmon and silver salmon all in one day, Pelican proudly lives up to its motto, “Closest to the Fish.”

Why is the fishing so good here?

Location, location, location! – Pelican is on the Gulf of Alaska, where mixed strains of fish are moving through on their way further inland and even down the Pacific coast. However, you’re getting them before anyone else is!

Variety, size, quality and quantity – The folks here argue that all are better in these waters. Both saltwater and freshwater opportunities abound, with halibut, all five species of salmon, Yellow eye, rockfish, lingcod, Dolly Varden, steelhead and more. You can catch fat, sweet salmon in coastal waters before they enter their spawning phase (20-40 pounders are common). Halibut are also typically larger than those further inland…and in terms of quantity – these waters have proven themselves incredibly productive in Alaska year after year.

Extended season – Head to another location in Alaska and you’ll be fishing for local stock that might have a 2-3 week run. In Pelican, there’s a 4-month window for catching King salmon and halibut. This not only gives you more flexibility, but spaces out the number of folk out on the water at the same time.

Fewer people ­– While known for its fishing, Pelican is still remote enough that you won’t find the hordes of anglers that other Alaska hot spots get. You’ll fish in peace, enjoying the amazing scenic views with a local guide and just a few others who also share your passion. (Most charters take out a max of four.)

Bonus wildlife viewing – You’re not the only creature drawn to the fishing. Whales, sea lions, eagles, and bear are here for the bountiful feeding grounds. Seeing them in action, in their natural habitat, is all part of everyday life in Pelican.


  • Check out the fishing charter opportunities and book a place to stay. You can piece these together yourself, or find and all-inclusive lodge that will provide sleeping quarters, food and time out on the water.
  • Know the fishing regs (talk to your charter operator) and get your fishing license before you arrive.
  • Expect to pay a bit more than in other places for lodging, food and charters. This is because everything (but the fish) has to be brought to Pelican.
  • Plan on coming back again! Pelican kind of gets into your bloodstream. Don’t be surprised if you decide you want to retire here.

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Fishing Charters

All inclu­sive mul­ti-day fish­ing and lodg­ing in Pel­i­can, Alaska.

Lar­ry Jar­rets Wild Alas­ka Lodge is a full ser­vice sport fish­ing oper­a­tion. Cast for Salmon, Hal­ibut and Rock Fish in beau­ti­ful Pel­i­can, Alas­ka. While out on the boat, you may be able to spot bears for­ag­ing along the shore­line or whales breaching.The inn fea­tures 6 bed­rooms as well as a small gro­cery store.

Pel­i­can Joe’s is a small oper­a­tion, but that does not mean you will have a sec­ond rate expe­ri­ence. They take per­son­al care of their clients; help­ing to sched­ule trav­el on Alas­ka Sea­planes and meet­ing guests at the dock. And, when the fish­ing is done, they will fil­let, pack­age, and freeze your catch! To top it all off, they’ll fix you incred­i­ble meals to enjoy.

Chico­bi Char­ters spe­cial­izes in salmon and hal­ibut sport fish­ing, and they offer lodg­ing over­look­ing Pel­i­can Har­bor in their four bed­room townhouse.