Kodiak Visitor Information Centers

Kodiak has an excellent visitor information center for people visiting the National Wildlife Refuge, where you’ll discover displays of the region’s geography, wildlife, and history.

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Visitor Information Centers

It’s rare when a Nation­al Wildlife Refuge has an amaz­ing vis­i­tor cen­ter, but this one is a must-see. Kids and adults will love the dis­plays, includ­ing the com­plete skele­ton of a grey whale. You can learn about the grey whale migra­tion from Baja to the Bering Sea, the food they eat, their evo­lu­tion­ary devel­op­ments, and the sev­en-year process of dis­cov­er­ing and trans­port­ing the skele­ton to the muse­um. The cen­ter also coor­di­nates educational…  ...more