Photo Credit: Goldbelt Mount Roberts

Juneau Trams

Juneau is home to one tramway, the Goldbelt Tramway. This iconic aerial tram takes you on a breathtaking journey from downtown Juneau to the summit of Mount Roberts. Enjoy panoramic views of the Gastineau Channel, Douglas Island, and the Chilkat Mountains from the tram’s enclosed gondolas. Once on the mountaintop, immerse yourself in the beauty of the Alaskan wilderness, explore nature trails, and look for wildlife.

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Season: May - September $50

Take a five-minute ride from the cruise ship pier to the Moun­tain House,1,800′ up Mount Roberts, where the Chilkat Moun­tains, the Gastineau Chan­nel, down­town Juneau, Dou­glas Island, and Admi­ral­ty Island spread out before you. Vis­it the gift shop, restau­rant, live bald eagle dis­play, and nature cen­ter. Check out the wildlife view­ing plat­forms and fol­low the self-guid­ed trail marked by Native totemic carv­ings for access to upper alpine hiking  ...more