Photo Credit: Best Places to Shop in Juneau

Best Places to Shop in Juneau

Explore the best places to shop in Juneau with our list of recommended stores. One highlight is Raven Eagle Gifts & Gallery, a must-visit destination for authentic Alaskan art and crafts. Here you can find hand-carved totem poles, intricate native Alaskan masks, and beautiful jewelry made by local artisans. Enjoy a shopping experience like no other as you discover the perfect souvenirs and treasures to take home from your trip to Juneau.

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This gift store sits 1,800 feet above Juneau, at the top of the Gold­belt Mount Roberts Tramway. So while you peruse one of the city’s best selec­tions of Alas­ka Native art­work, you can also take in some amaz­ing views. It’s why this is the place to shop at the top.”


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