Haines Plays & Performances

Haines has a vibrant arts scene, thanks to the Chilkat Center—a 300-seat auditorium that puts on artistic productions ranging from children’s plays to dance productions and musical performances.

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Plays & Performances

The Chilkat Cen­ter for the Arts is the cre­ative hub of Haines. The facil­i­ty fea­tures a 300-seat audi­to­ri­um that has host­ed every­thing from local children’s plays to a stripped-down ver­sion of the Moscow Sym­pho­ny. There’s a dance stu­dio where locals get togeth­er to prac­tice activ­i­ties like yoga, jujit­su, and bal­let. The cen­ter is also the home of local pub­lic radio sta­tion KHNS, which serves Haines and near­by Skagway.