Wes Tibbetts: Turnagain Arm Mudflats


“It was just like one of those beautiful, sunny, gorgeous days, and we decided to go down the mudflats there and kind of mess around,” he says. “It was kind of one of those things at first—‘What? We’re going to do what?’ And then when we got there, they had a blast.”

Eight-year-old Owen and the seven-year-old twins Paige and Ryan dashed around the edge of the vast flat. They slid off ice boulders or “mud cubes” stuck in place by the tide. One of the girls lay down to create a “snow angel” in what was mostly frozen silt. And it came time for sledding.

The Anchorage firefighter mushed as the designated sled dog. Jessa snapped the photo against the glowing sunset.

“We don’t necessarily (always) go this specific place. But just like any Alaskan family, we’re trying to get these kids outside and enjoying the outdoors.”

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