Humans in Alaska

Alaska gets into your soul. Whether you’re a lifelong resident or a visitor, it moves you.

Maybe it’s because the landscape dwarfs the human footprint on a scale that’s rare elsewhere. Alaskans interact with this country to a degree unusual in the modern world. They encounter wild animals, gather food, fish and hunt, tackle outdoor adventures. They embrace tough weather and seek strange sights.

A few years ago, we held a contest inviting Alaskans and visitors to submit digital photos of their best or favorite Alaska moments. We have begun gathering the stories behind some of these images—how the photo was taken, how that moment unfolded.

We present them here.

We were inspired partly by the Humans of NY anthology and how the voices of the photo subjects offered insight into life in the city. The Humans in Alaska project takes a slightly different approach. Our stories aren’t solely about the people depicted or the photographer behind the shot. Rather, each one offers a glimpse into a single, unique moment captured on camera in Alaska. Experiences with the land. Connections with others. Interactions with wildlife. We think they begin to distill the essence of the Last Frontier.

Humans gates of the arctic camping danielle watson
Humans mekoryuk sourdock dawn davis
Humans deer mountain carlos rojas
Humans bear chilkoot lake cheri kutch