When to Visit Pelican

Summer is idyllic in Pelican, with long days of light (3 am to 11 pm) to fill with fishing, wildlife viewing, exploring the wilderness and strolling the mile-long boardwalk talking to locals.

You may want to time your visit to coincide with local festivities. Try your luck in the Pelican King Salmon Derby the first weekend in June or join in the local 4th of July festivities.

Since Pelican is on the Gulf of Alaska, it is “closest to the fish,” with opportunities for catching mixed stocks of fish that are returning to places all over Alaska and down to the Lower 48. The 4-month long summer fishing season is longer than areas further inland. This means you can catch halibut and King salmon any time in the summer. By July and August, salmon are entering coastal streams and are often very visible. You can also see whales, sea lions and other marine mammals during this time. Bears are often seen along inland water shorelines in June and in the coastal areas in July and August.


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