Five small towns in Southeast Alaska have collaborated to tell the world just what’s so great about this part of the world – and why visitors should spend some time in “Unseen Alaska.”

Angoon, Elfin Cove, Kake, Pelican and Tenakee Springs don’t have the name recognition of larger towns in Alaska, so they don’t see as many visitors. That’s part of the charm. But as other industries have dropped off, residents realize that sharing their communities is a win-win. Their economies are enlivened by providing what many visitors crave: an authentic Alaskan experience.

The towns of “Unseen Alaska” are located on Chichagof, Admiralty and Kupreanof Islands. They take you off the beaten (and often crowded) path. The only way to get out to these areas is by boat or plane. Alaska Seaplanes is the most convenient and direct choice, flying into all communities at least once a day during the summer. The flight itself is an unforgettable experience, as you take in the view of snow-capped mountains, glaciers, the waters of the Inside Passage – and maybe even whales below.

Once in “Unseen Alaska,” the investment pays off almost immediately. The small, quiet communities welcome you in. You get a chance to relax, to listen to the natural sounds that are obscured in larger towns: the waves, the wind, and the wildlife.

You aren’t going to find pre-packaged tourist shows here in Unseen Alaska. Rather, you learn about the people here by talking with them. Take a bear viewing, whale watching or fishing charter and hear tale after tale of Alaska living. Join in a local celebration (4th of July is big!), or chat with folks at the library, museum, restaurant or just walking along the boardwalk or beach.

While each of these communities is unique, they all offer a chance to immerse yourself in a laid-back way of life while enjoying Alaska’s amazing mountains, waters, plentiful fishing, and abundant wildlife.


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