Things to Know Before Hiking the Resurrection Pass

A message from the Chugach National Forest to Resurrection Pass Trail users

  1. The trail is located in an extremely remote and wild area; before making a reservation, become aware of bear, water, and weather safety (including cold.)
  2. Recreating in Alaska can present both obvious and hidden dangers; please be aware of your surroundings and be prepared for extended stays due to occasionally poor weather.
  3. Note that Devil's Pass Cabin located on the Resurrection Pass Trail is not the Devil's Elbow Cabin near Kake, Alaska.
  4. Winter travelers need to be able to evaluate avalanche and over-ice travel conditions.
  5. There is no source of fresh water near some cabins; guests must bring their own, or boil and treat water taken from lakes or streams
  6. Use of cabins by a commercial operator, such as an outfitter or guide, is not allowed without a permit.
  7. All garbage and food must be packed out
  8. If the stove has been tinkered with by previous users, it is sometimes inoperable; please call the number below following your trip if you encounter a problem
  9. Forest Order (10-04-00-14-47) that limits occupying/renting a public use rental cabin for more than seven consecutive days by any group or person
  10. It is unlawful to use a public recreation cabin without a valid cabin reservation.
  11. Occupying a Public Recreation cabin with more than eight individuals per cabin for each permitted day is prohibited.
  12. Camping, pitching tents, or staying overnight within 300 feet of any public recreation use cabin is prohibited unless you have a valid cabin reservation.
  13. It is prohibited to hitch, tether, or hobble any saddle or pack animal including dog teams, within 200 feet of an established trail, water source, or developed recreation site, including Forest Service recreation cabins.
  14. Camping and/ or occupying any one Public Recreation Use Cabin for a period longer than seven consecutive days by any person or group including but not limited to family members, members of the same household, and members of the same camping party within a 30 day period, and three consecutive days May 15 to August 31.
  15. Learn more about Chugach National Forest

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