Rainy Day and Budget Options for Seward

Seward Rainy Day Activities

  • Seward Museum: Check out the Seward Museum you'll find exhibits on the history of Seward and a really large Native basket collection. If you don't have time for the Anchorage museum while in Anchorage, this is a good rainy weather activity. There's lots of info available and neat collector's items, as well as items for purchase.
  • Seward Library: Besides all the books, the Seward Library offers several computers for Internet access, as do a few other places in town.
  • For kids: For kids, check out the youth center, arcade, or movie theater. The Alaska Shop has traveling games, as well.
  • Browse The Shops: You can always get out your umbrella and browse the shops.

Seward Activities for under $20

  • Exit Glacier: Exit Glacier is free and fun
  • Tonsina Point: Hike out to Tonsina Point on an old jeep or logging trail out near Miller's Landing. Spot dog salmon coming in and salmon berries sprouting along the hillside. It's a very pretty place where you can access the beach, make a fire, or have a picnic.
  • Caines Head's North Beach: Take an overnight pack and hike out to Caines Head's North Beach, or go by water taxi from Tonsina Point. You'll find an old WWII fort out there, plus a spectacular overlook of the Pacific, mountains, and alpine meadows. It's really important to time your trip around the tides. The three-mile stretch of beach between Tonsina Point and North Beach can be hiked only during very low tide. Leave Seward at least two hours before low tide to avoid becoming stranded along the way, and plan to stay at least until the next low tide (pick up a tide book in Seward, or click here). The 4.5-mile trip (one-way) takes the average hiker two to three hours-it might be rocky, muddy, or even water-logged, so wear your boots. Most North Beach-bound hikers stay overnight. There is a parking area at Lowell Point, south of Seward, but vehicles may have to be left in Seward when road conditions are poor.
  • Fishing pole: Rent a fishing pole for $10 and buy a $10 fishing license from Miller's Landing or the Fish House; you can fish right off the beach.
  • Bear Bells: Bring bear bells if you do take a hike, or make noise.
  • Snacks: Get snacks for your do-it-yourself excursions at the Eagle grocery store (it's part of the Carrs/Safeway family, so you can use your Safeway card here)


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