Classic Prince William Sound Kayak Itineraries

Most Popular Trips

People tend to come to PWS for glacier viewing and for paddling through ice. These trips will get you this experience.

Harriman Fjord to Pigot Bay/Whittier

  • Day 1: a.m. drop off at Tobaggan Beach deep within Harriman Fjord. Explore glaciers and area.
  • Day 2: paddle towards mouth of Harriman Fjord, establish new camp, explore more glaciers.
  • Day 3: paddle out of Harriman Fjord, through Barry Arm, and along the western shore of Port Wells until establishing a new camp at Hobo Bay.
  • Day 4: paddle along Port Wells until arriving at Pigot Bay, Entry Cove, or Decision Point for pick-up or to set up final days paddle to Whittier. Camping in Pigot Bay limited to back of bay, with most people camping near entry or at Decision Point.
  • Day 5: leave in the morning to paddle back to Whittier from Pigot Bay. This is a 15-18 mile day, a long day for most.

Port Nellie Wan and/or Culross Passage

  • Day 1: water taxi to Derickson Bay and set up camp. Spend the day kayaking from camp.
  • Day 2: explore Deep Water Bay, Nellie Juan Glacier, and surrounding area.
  • Day 3: leave camp and paddle towards mouth of Port Nellie Juan. Establish new camp.
  • Day 4: Paddle across the mouth of Port Nellie Juan for a water-taxi pick-up on Applegate Island
  • More: spend additional days exploring Port Nellie Wan, with scheduled pick-up that avoids having to cross open water to

Applegate Island & Culross Passage

  • Day 1: water-taxi to north end of Culross Passage. Paddle 4 or 5 miles, set up camp.
  • Day 2: paddle 4 or 5 miles through passage until establishing camp on southern end.
  • Day 3: paddle 4-5 miles across open water to reach eastern shore of Port Nellie Juan and camp
  • Day 4: explore Port Nellie Juan
  • Day 5: explore Port Nellie Juan until scheduled water-taxi pick-up at Derickson Bay

Best Beginner Trips (PWS)

Blackstone Bay

  • Day 1: water-taxi to mouth of Blackstone Bay. Put in your kayak, paddle to Willard Island and camp.
  • Day 2: spend the day paddling, hiking. Spend another night on the island.
  • Day 3: morning with the glaciers, then paddle to mouth of Blackstone Bay and set up camp
  • Day 4: leave early for a full day of paddling from the mouth of Blackstone Bay into Whittier; or spend day relaxing, kayaking, with an afternoon water-taxi pick-up.

Culross Passage

  • Day 1: water-taxi to south end of Culross Passage, set up camp, kayak around area.
  • Day 2: paddle 4 to 5 miles up the passage, establishing a new camp
  • Day 3: paddle to north end of the passage and set up a new camp.
  • Day 4: paddling until scheduled water-taxi pick-up.
  • More: spend additional day kayaking eastern shore of Port Nellie Wan.

Harriman Fjord

  • Day 1: drop off at Tobaggan Beach deep within Harriman Fjord. Kayak across fjord to explore glaciers, including the often-calving Surprise Glacier.
  • Day 2: spend another day viewing glaciers on this end of Harriman Fjord. Search for new camp, or not.
  • Day 3: kayak to the northeast end of Harriman Fjord for more glacier viewing, seal spotting, and relaxing in a sublime environment.
  • Day 4: kayak out of Harriman Fjord for a pick-up at Kelly’s Cove, a few miles down the western shore of Barry Arm
  • More: spend additional day camping at Kelly’s Cove and day-tripping in Barry Arm or College Fjord.

Other trips (PWS)

Taking a water-taxi to more remote areas is something both beginners and more experienced kayakers come to PWS for. These areas provide beginners the opportunity to experience glaciers within relatively protected waters, while more advanced kayakers can incorporate them into more ambitious paddle plans.

Nassau Fjord to Whale Bay

  • Day 1: water-taxi into Nassau Fjord. Set up camp and explore.
  • Day 2: morning in Nassau Fjord, then paddle into Icy Bay. Set up new camp.
  • Day 3: explore shoreline of Icy Bay as you paddle towards new camp in Whale Bay
  • Day 4: explore Whale Bay, Humpback Cove, until scheduled pick-up
  • More: spend additional day kayaking in Nassau Fjord, Icy Bay, or Whale Bay

Icy Bay/Nassau Fjord to Chenega Village

  • Day 1 – Day 3: Explore Nassau Fjord, Icy Bay, Whale Bay
  • Day 4 – Day 6: Depart Whale Bay towards village of Chenga, some 40 miles away. Kayak coastline until rounding bend southward before Latouche Island.
  • Day 7: take Alaska State Ferry back to Whittier

Alaska Marine Trail: Chenega Village to Whittier

  • Take the ferry to Chenega and paddle back 110 miles if you paddle it directly.


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