Northern Gernanium

Alaska species plants flowers Northern Geranium

Geranium erianthum
Geraniaceae/Geranium Family

You'll find pretty flower in moist open forests and meadows from sea level to above tree-line. Northern Geranium grows 1-3' tall. The leaves are broad and deeply notched into 3-7 irregularly toothed segments. It has showy flowers with 5 blue to violet petals, about 1" across, that are typically in clusters of 2-3. If you look closely towards the base of the flower you will see that they are hairy on the inner surface. You will also see dark purple lines that help guide pollinators to the source of nectar and pollen.

Geranium comes from the Greek work for "crane", in reference to the fruit's long beak (like a crane's bill). The plant is also called "cranesbill". The species name erianthum comes from the Latin words meaning "wooly flower" and refers to the hairy blossoms.


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