Make Your Stay Even Better

  • Stock up. Always bring extra food and water, in case you can’t leave when planned, due to weather.
  • Clean up after yourself. Sweep out the cabin before you leave and don’t leave trash lying around.
  • Don’t attract bears. Clean your fish away from the cabin and don’t leave food scraps outside.
  • Bring a Spot or satellite phone. Always be in a position where you can initiate an early pickup or rescue. Even a small injury can turn into a big problem in the wilderness.
  • Think small during winter. Choose a smaller-sized cabin: they’re easier to heat and keep warm. Another trick: Before going to bed, gather a pile of wood next to the stove so you refill the stove in the middle of the night; it won’t be as cold in the morning.
  • Leave the cabin fire-ready. Before you leave—especially during colder months—gather a pile of kindling and firewood next to the stove. If someone stumbles across the cabin in trouble, it can save their life.


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