Life in Elfin Cove

After a few days in Elfin Cove, you forget what day it is. Often misty and magical, Elfin Cove steals away your worldly worries, and invites you to join its relaxing rhythm. Time is gauged by the changing tide, by the fishing boats leaving early and coming into the harbor at day’s end, loaded with catch – and by your growling stomach when you realize that it’s still quite light at 11 pm and you’ve been so entranced watching eagles soar that you’ve missed dinner!

Locals say that Elfin Cove has simply the best view in the entire world: as you land here, you’ll see the amazing Brady Glacier backed by the Fairweather mountain range and framed by dark points of land on either side.

You could spend a good bit of time just taking in this magnificent view. But more awaits in Elfin Cove. Stroll the boardwalk, which serves as a U.S. funded highway, since there are no other roads. Head out on a charter to experience world-class freshwater or saltwater fishing. Out in Cross Sound, let the whales hypnotize you with their magnificence as they jump, dive and feast on krill and fry.

The practical side of life in Elfin Cove means that you’ll need to eat, shower and sleep. Lodges can accommodate you on all counts. If you’re staying elsewhere, you can stock up on food at the general store, enjoy a hot meal at the local café, and clean up nicely at the community shower and laundry.

Time does catch up to Elfin Cove. Eventually, as summer winds down, visitors head home, lodges close up and a hardy handful of residents prepare to enjoy the community’s winter charm and its crisp serenity.


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