Angoon is a laid-back, friendly Tlingit community of about 450 people. Daily life is shaped by the seasons: fishing in summer, hunting in fall, and basketball in winter! Like all small towns, everyone knows everyone. But unlike other towns, the people here can state the maternal lineage of just about every other resident.

Angoon’s location on Admiralty Island isolates it enough that it’s not as affected by the outside world. Locals will tell you it’s the same as it was thousands of years ago, with plentiful bear, whale, and eagles.

There’s no taxi service. No bus. Generally you can get places easily on foot (and it’s a great way to meet and talk with residents) or by asking someone for a ride. That’s really how it works here.

Need a boat? Ask around. “We’re an island,” locals say. “Everyone has a boat.”

Need a lift from the ferry terminal with your kayak? Ask around. If someone doesn’t have a truck, they’ll help you find one.

Need a local guide? Call the Angoon Tribal Office for suggestions.

The people of Angoon generously share their island home with visitors. They want you to enjoy your stay, to take in the beautiful scenery, to see whales breaching, to hear the mesmerizing sounds of nature during a walk down the beach, and to catch enough fish to take home. Then, over a halibut dinner a few months later, you’ll be reminded of your Angoon adventure: that quiet place on the water, amid the forest, where life is simple and the people are really just that friendly.


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