Float Trip Outfitters

Rafting outfitters in Alaska can set you up with everything you need, from the boats and oars to kitchen gear and meals, along with camping gear and rubber boots. Each outfitter will have its own kit, but of course you can add any extras you like. Outfitters can also handle raft assembly and packing, use of trailer, or delivery to air carrier.

  • Kit: Around $80–$100 a day, with a 3-day minimum. Includes self-bailing boat, frame, 3 oars, cooler (seat), air pump, lifejackets, gear net and/or platform, rescue (throw) bag and bow line, necessary straps.
  • Dry bags: $5 per day or $25 a week; paddles may be an additional charge.
  • Full kitchen gear: About $40 a day (utensils to Dutch oven).
  • Camping gear: Often available for rent
  • Outfitters also serve as valuable resources for river knowledge; they guide trips all the time and can provide planning and logistical consultation. They can help evaluate your group’s confidence and capabilities, and help you find a river that meets your desires and expectations. See “Guided Trips” for help in evaluating if a guide may be a good idea.

Recommended Outfitters

Alaska Raft Connection
Location: Anchorage, AK (Lake Hood)
Areas of specialty: Lake Creek (Susitna Drainage) / Talachulitna River / Alagnak River (Katmai) / Chilikadotna River (Lake Clark)
Contact: Brian Richardson: 800-616-RAFT / 907-250-2271; www.alaskaraftconnection.com

Alaska Raft & Kayak
Location: Anchorage, AK (Tudor Rd)
Contact: 800-606-5950 / 907-561-7238; www.alaskaraftandkayak.com

McCarthy River Tours & Outfitters
Location: McCarthy, AK
Areas of specialty: Copper River / Kennicott-Chitina River / Tana River / Nizina-Chitina River
Contact: Nik Merlino: 907-554-1077; www.raftthewrangells.com

Alaska River Wrangellers
Location: Copper Center, AK
Areas of specialty: Klutina River / Delta River / Gulkana River / Copper River
Contact: 888-822-3967 / 907-822-3967; www.riverwrangellers.com


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