Fritillaria camschatcensis
Liliaceae/Lily Family

Chocolate Lilies grow in meadows from sea level to the mountains. They grow on erect 1-2' stems. The leaves grow in a whorl around the main stem. The 6 petaled flowers are nodding and grow in a cluster. They are bell shaped, maroon to purplish-brown with greenish streaks and grow at the top of the stem. The flowers have distinctive odor of rotting flesh, smelly socks or an outhouse depending on your sense of smell. That unpleasant odor attracts flies that pollinate it. Another common name is Rice Lily which refers to the fleshy root that breaks apart into tiny rice-like bulbets. These bulbs were eaten by different indigenous groups. They were steamed in pits and resembled rice, except for having a slightly bitter taste.

Plants flowers Kodiak Chocolate Lily linda kozak Linda Kozak

Photo credit: Linda Kozak


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