Cabins In Alaska Vs Tent Camping

Public use cabins have two limitations:

  1. There are so many more places you can go with a tent
  2. They cost $20-40 a night to reserve

But they have some real advantages:

  1. If you get an air taxi or boat drop-off, you can bring a lot more food and gear than if you were carrying it all on your back.
  2. There’s nothing like being able to retreat to a warm cabin on a rainy day, or being able to dry off wet gear in front of the stove.
  3. Cooking and staying organized is a whole lot easier with benches and tables in a cabin than organizing the floor of your tent.
  4. Peace of mind. There’s something comforting about going to sleep at night inside four sturdy wooden walls, your food safely stored away where a bear can’t get it.


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