Southeast Alaska Fishing Spots

Please respect sea lions and all marine wildlife while fishing, and don't feed them your fish waste.

This is a list of all fishing spots in Southeast Alaska.

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Fishing Spots

Difficulty: Easy

Dri­ve to the end of Thane road and park at the dead end, where a nice water­fall sets the mood for this three-mile hike through a beau­ti­ful rain for­est. Mud and exposed roots make for dif­fi­cult foot­ing, but the trail is flat — a rar­i­ty around here.

A two-hour kayak ride up Mitchell Bay toward Has­sel­borg Lake takes you through a serene, pris­tine wilder­ness. You’ll share the area with water birds, eagles, salmon and of course, brown bear. Portage at a U.S. For­est Ser­vice cab­ins to stay awhile and take in more of the incred­i­ble Ton­gass Nation­al Forest.