Don’t let the hilly terrain around downtown discourage you. Haines offers great biking, both along mountain bike trails and roadside bike lanes. Its road system deservedly serves as the final two legs of the annual Kluane-Chilkat International Bicycle Relay, a 160-mile, all-day race from Haines Junction, Y.T. A rental bike is a great way to see many of attractions, as Haines’ best shops and restaurants are spread out between downtown and Fort Seward.

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Bike Trail Points

Difficulty: Moderate Distance: 3 miles

Some would rather avoid it, but climb­ing to the top of Fort Seward puts cyclists in range of the town’s pret­ti­est beach­es – along Chilkat Inlet. You won’t regret the extra work required.

Difficulty: Easy Distance: 1 mile

Until the ear­ly 1970s, Fort Seward and down­town Haines were sep­a­rate cities, with not much in between. This route allows rid­ers to much of what the town has to offer in an after­noon, capped with drinks at a craft dis­tillery and brewery.

Difficulty: Moderate Distance: 13 miles

This trip requires some logis­tics, includ­ing rent­ing bikes and arrang­ing for a lift to Cana­di­an bor­der, but it’s worth it. The wall of moun­tains to the west pro­vides a stag­ger­ing vista and you can see wildlife to boot.