Tokosha Coffee & Gift Shop

A commitment to Alaskan artists and native Alaskan traditions is why you'll want to stop in at the Tokosha Coffee & Gift Shop. Here is where you can indulge in your coffee fix from morning to night. Enjoy lattes, espressos as well as to-go sandwiches, sodas and snacks. Take it with you or linger as you take in the Denali views. Most of the gift shop's products are hand-made by natives or crafted in-state, meaning you'll be supporting locals by shopping here. For sale are whale-bone masks and spotted sealskin slippers, along with jewelry made from ivory, bone, and jade—all created by native Alaskans, many of them working in small villages around the state.

The shop's Alaska-made collection is also extensive: syrup from the sap of Alaskan birch trees, postcards, and a particularly sought-after gift: earrings made from dehydrated Alaska-grown potatoes! You'll also find Alaskan art, books, jewelry, and videos, along with sundries and souvenir clothing from the Talkeetna Alaska Lodge. Staffers are experts in their products, and can help you ship your purchases home.