Steller Air

You can’t understand Alaska until you get up in the air in a small plane. And with Steller Air, your trip will be in a floatplane—the ultimate Alaskan flyer. Take off from the smooth waters of Beluga Lake and explore the mountains, glaciers, and ocean surrounding Homer. And choose from several options: fly in to remote hiking or rafting; take a quick, affordable 30-minute scenic flight over three glaciers and Kachemak Bay; or fly to some of Alaska’s best brown bear-viewing destinations. Every trip is led by an Alaska bush pilot with at least 15 years of experience, so you can count on a high level of safety and knowledge.

Steller Air is a locally owned and operated company, with pilot owners who live year-round in Alaska. Owners Stephanie, Mark, and Doug fly these tours because it’s exactly what they want to do. And their enthusiasm is contagious. Gearheads can learn everything they want about a Cessna 206. Or ask your pilot about skiing in the Alaska backcountry, commercial fishing for salmon, and flying to remote mining operations. They’ve done all this and are great story-tellers, whether it’s on a 30-minute flight around Homer or an all-day bear-viewing trip.

Scenic Flights

Quick, easy, and affordable, Steller Air’s 30-minute flight is a great option if you’re on a budget or short on time. For just $99, you can experience a floatplane takeoff and landing, and get that unique bird’s-eye view of Homer. The flight goes right across Kachemak Bay and into the Harding Icefield, where you can see three glaciers! You’ll also fly over the remote, boat-in community of Halibut Cove and get a glimpse of this boardwalk town. With any luck, you might even see black bears, mountain goats, and moose—or maybe even a whale in the bay.

Extend the trip by a half hour and you’ll fly up and over the icefield, an impressive collection of ice and rock that stretches all the way to Seward. Peer down on crevasses and deep blue alpine lakes, and get a view to the Gulf of Alaska. When you land, you’ll have a new appreciation for the terrain around you.

Bear Tours

Steller Air only flies to spots where brown bears are gathered, and you’re guaranteed to spot them. You’ll fly either to Lake Clark or Brooks Falls, two premier Alaska brown bear habitats. Snap your own classic photo of bruins fishing for salmon that are jumping up a waterfall. Or witness bears gathered like buffalo, grazing on beach grasses—sometimes 25 at one location! Pilots double as bear guides, and they’re trained in bear safety and biology. You’ll learn about the feeding, mating, and hibernation activities of Alaska’s brown bears while you watch them in the wild.

Each of these trips includes several hours of quintessential Alaskan bush flying. See smoking volcanoes, glaciers, craggy peaks, ocean inlets, remote bays, and lake-filled tundra. And when you get off the plane, you’re in bear territory!