In late November each year, hundreds of Nome community members gather to celebrate the diverse Native cultures of the Bering Strait region. Kaatiluta, which means “all of us, together,” honors the sharing traditions that helped people survive for generations in the extreme conditions of the Arctic.

Nome’s population is about half Native. As a hub community, it’s a gathering spot for people from many different nearby villages. Kaatiluta is a celebration of all these groups, from Siberian Yup’ik to Yup’ik and Inupiaq.

Everyone in the community is invited to the event, which begins in the late afternoon with a cold, quick walk from the Nome Eskimo Community Tribal Hall (200 W 5th Ave.) to the Nome Recreation Center (208 E 6th Ave).

A potluck follows, typically featuring reindeer soup, frybread, Eskimo salad (agutak), along with plenty of desserts. Singing and dancing presentations are a highlight, and there are craft activities and games for the kids.

Visit the Kaatiluta Facebook page for more information about this year’s event.

Getting There

Latitude: 64.50108
Longitude: -165.40289