Interested in learning how to smoke fish, make rugs, or carve spoons—from a teacher who’s a local Alaskan? At Homer Folk School, those locals pass along their unique skills, which come from a variety of traditions. Topics vary, but every class allows travelers and locals to get a deeper understanding of Alaska.

The Experience

If you’re interested in learning a skill with the power to enrich your life, Homer Folk School is where to go. The truly unique part? Your teachers. They’re local Alaskans who teach whatever they know best. Perhaps it’s a generations-old method of preparing food, or a form of art that only a handful of people know. For the teachers, the classes allow them to keep those skills and traditions alive. For the students, it’s a one-of-a-kind opportunity: hands-on learning of a skill you can take home, plus a way to truly connect with locals.

Classes run the gamut, and topics are always changing, depending on who wants to teach what and the season. Your class may involve taking a boat across the bay to gather seaweed, and then talking about various ways to use it. It could be a class in making driftwood art, smoking fish, or bee keeping. You could be learning homesteading skills, Alaskan gardening, or how to make rugs from ripped fabric. The variety means there will always be something new to explore. And because the topics are specific to the area, you’ll also gain real insights into Alaskan life. All upcoming classes and events are posted on their Facebook page!

The Story

A group of Homer residents recognized there was a wealth of knowledge in town—skills they were interested in passing along to travelers and other locals. They didn’t want those skills to be lost, and recognized that hands-on learning resonates in a way that online tutorials do not. Plus, they saw the school as a way to create connections within the community and around the world. It’s a process that harks back to generations of homesteading families, who had a strong tradition of self-sufficiency. They knew that everyone possesses unique skills, and that sharing their knowledge makes everyone stronger.