Dejon Delights

It’s hard to find a better souvenir of your trip to Alaska than smoked salmon. Not only is it delicious, but this iconic symbol of the 49th state also makes for a great gift. And for some of the state’s best, check out Dejon Delights, which has been smoking salmon for more than 25 years—a testament to their service and their great fish. They’re open year-round, and can ship their high-quality, hand-crafted products worldwide. They use the freshest, locally-caught fish, hand-cut all their fillets, and use a dry brine to create a firm, moist, and flavorful fish.

Locally owned and family operated, Dejon Delights is the venture of long-time friends and wilderness-adventure partners Daymond Hoffman and Scott Doddridge. Hoffman’s family started the business, and he’s been smoking fish since his teens. He’s still in charge of the operation, and his fillets are a true art form, featuring perfectly balanced brine blends.

But Dejon Delights does more than smoke salmon. At their stores in Skagway and Haines, you’ll find smoked halibut and black cod (sablefish), fresh fish, and an assortment of Alaskan products. Scott and Daymond, who are young parents and active civic leaders, are committed to local economies and community, which means all their products are made in Alaska—many of them in Haines and Skagway.

From postcards to birch-wood bowls, you’ll find plenty of great gifts and souvenirs in their shops. You can sample Alaskan specialties like spruce-tip syrup, smoked salmon dip mix, and pickles made from kelp seaweed. Or check out handcrafted products like the fish-shaped salad tongs (made in Haines), whale baleen, and locally printed t-shirts. And of course, you can sample the many varieties of smoked fish.

Most people first experience Dejon Delights while on a cruise, then visit the website to shop even more. The delicious smoked salmon is why customers have been coming here for more than 25 years! So order up a taste of classic Alaska, and send some smoked salmon and halibut to your friends as gifts or holiday presents. And if you’re in Haines or Skagway, stop by for a sample, a gift, or a fresh fillet for dinner!