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Silently glide past dripping icebergs or paddle beneath thousands of nesting birds during a sea kayak tour of Prince William Sound. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Alaska Sea Kayakers provides the kayaks, gear, and guides necessary to go safely and comfortably. And the Sound is one of Alaska’s easiest and most beautiful glacier-filled bodies of water to go kayaking in. Choose from half- and full-day itineraries, including boat-assisted trips—Alaska Sea Kayakers is one of the best options for sea kayaking in Southcentral.

Any experienced sea kayaker knows that just as important as the gear and guides are the paddling conditions. And since the waters around Whittier offer consistently good sea conditions, your itinerary is less likely to be affected by the weather than in other top paddling spots. That’s one reason why Alaska Sea Kayakers has been leading trips from here since 1995.

The trips explore some of the Sound’s best spots, accessing wildlife, remote coves, and glaciers. Because it’s hard to enjoy these places if you’re cold, they have an inventory of dry suits—and are one of the only sea kayak outfitters to offer them. You’ll be warm and dry and, since the boats are stable, easy-to-steer two-person kayaks, you’ll also be secure. You won’t feel off-balance or have to fight to stay on course, but instead can focus on shooting photos or watching wildlife. And the guides are great naturalists and storytellers, as well as being certified in kayak safety and rescue.

The top day trips are listed below, but there are also custom itineraries, overnight expeditions, and rentals.


This half-day excursion is a great introduction to sea kayaking, and one of the company’s most popular trips. It can be done in a half-day, and it costs only $79. You’ll paddle to a nesting colony of Black-legged Kittiwakes. Perched on cliff-side nests, this rookery hosts up to 4,000 of these birds between May and August. Watch the birds incubate eggs, feed chicks, dive for fish, and fly overhead. And keep an eye out for bald eagles or peregrine falcons. The paddle is about 3 miles round-trip; in late summer, when the birds aren’t as numerous, there’s a salmon run nearby.

  • Duration: 3 – 3½ hours
  • Peak Season: May–August

Blackstone Bay

This is the company’s only day trip that takes you to tidewater glaciers, in addition to icebergs and ice floes dotted with seals and seabirds! Board a water taxi for a 21-mile ride to Blackstone Bay, one of the top glacier viewing destinations in Prince William Sound. Then load up in kayaks and spend the day paddling around icebergs. Look for wildlife and listen for calving glaciers while you paddle the bay. The tour includes a walk to the edge of Lawrence Glacier or a short climb to the top of an island for panoramic views of the bay and the ice field connecting the glaciers. Your guide will bring a lunch of smoked salmon, pasta salad, crackers, fruit and veggies, and hot drinks.

  • Duration: 10 hours
  • Peak Season: May–September

Passage Canal

A full day of sea kayaking makes this trip a great value for the cost. Visit the rookery of the Black-legged Kittiwakes, explore isolated coves and inlets, and get views of shimmering glaciers. Your guide will choose the route, and depending on paddling conditions you might even cross the fjord, feeling the enormity of Alaska’s waters in a small craft. In late August, there are salmon runs near the shores of coves you’ll visit, so you can paddle over spawning fish. You’ll paddle 6–8 miles, land on a remote beach for a picnic lunch, and go for a short walk.

  • Duration: 5–6 hours
  • Peak Season: May–September


  • Half-day or all-day paddle itineraries
  • Sea kayak with tidewater glaciers, seabirds or spawning salmon
  • Drysuits available for increased comfort and warmth
  • Two-person sea kayaks used for stability and easy steering
  • Hot drinks, tasty Alaskan lunches
  • Guides certified in safety and rescue

What to Bring

They paddle rain or shine, so make sure to bring rain gear and rain hat, and/or sunglasses and sunscreen! You’ll want a water bottle, comfortable shoes and a camera. And make sure you wear layers of synthetic fabrics—wool, fleece or polypro.

Payment Policy

A credit card is required for reservations, but they do not run the card until day of trip. No charges for changes or cancellations received 24 hours prior to scheduled departure, EXCEPT Blackstone Bay reservations, which require a 48 hour notification.

Getting There

Latitude: 60.774139
Longitude: -148.68306
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Alaska Sea Kayakers

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