Alaska Glacier Experience

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Experience the thrill of piloting your own ATV or UTV through gorgeous Alaskan backcountry just outside Anchorage. Splash through rivers and look for wildlife on this unforgettable tour.

Discover the Knik River Valley

Just 45 minutes outside Anchorage, the city gives way to the wilds of Alaska in the Knik River Valley. And one of the most exciting ways to explore the rugged tundra here is behind the wheel of your own Polaris ATV, or 2 or 4-seat UTV! Any adult can drive, and anyone over the age of 3 can go along for the ride. You’ll don helmet, goggles, and gloves, and after some quick-and-easy instructions, you’ll climb into your ATV and set off.

Led by experienced guides, you’ll easily roll through a variety of spectacular terrains: woods, rivers, mud—even sand dunes. Iconic Alaskan scenery stretches out before you, while all around you rises snow-capped peaks. With tours operating from spring through fall, you might also see explosions of wildflowers or fall colors. And keep an eye out for moose, eagles, Dall sheep, and spruce grouse.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to stop and take photos, as tours are customized for each group, depending on conditions. And thanks to Alaska Glacier Experience’s partnership with Polaris, you’ll be riding in high-quality ATVs with GPS and emergency beacons.

Day Tour Options


Go deeper into the valley, where you’ll get awesome views of the glacier and have the opportunity to spot Dall sheep.


Drive nearly 50 miles round-trip on this exciting expedition that ends in front of the massive Knik Glacier. Cross deeper rivers and look for moose along the way. At the glacier, your guide will build a fire and you’ll enjoy lunch as you watch icebergs floating around, before more exciting driving on the way home.

Specialty Tours


This quick tour is reserved for groups of 8 or more, and it's great if your group is short on time. Drive over sand dunes and through water, with glaciers and mountains in the distance. You may see eagles overhead and salmon in the river.

Overnight Camping

Ride out to the Knik Glacier in the early evening and set up camp right in front the stunning wall of blue ice. Tents, camping gear, food, and beverages are all included. Drive back the next morning, after an unforgettable night.

About Alaska Glacier Experience

Founder and owner, Eric Schaefer moved to Alaska several years ago, fell in love with the Knik Valley, and made it his mission to share this gorgeous location with as many people as possible. His enthusiasm for geology led him to learn all about the glaciers, mountains, and valley, both academically and anecdotally from the locals who have long called this area home. And once he discovered that ATVs were a great way to explore this magical landscape—faster than on foot, more interactive than by air—he decided to combine scenery and machine into a tour that travelers won’t soon forget!